Nantong Shengli Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Focus on the R&D and manufacturing of sheet metal forming machinery. Shengli Heavy Industries provides customers with high-quality solutions to achieve a better combination of quality, time, energy consumption and processing accuracy.

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Excellent design

Excellent design and innovation is the secret of Shengli Heavy Industry to produce precision processing machinery. The thorough research and development plan has further improved the design, technology and computer numerical control ability year by year!

The experience of solving practical production applications for many years is the key to the continuous upgrading of products. Shengli's design team provides fast and professional solutions for various needs.

High quality production

Shengli bending machine is designed and manufactured according to new technology, with stable and reliable performance. We emphasize the high quality and quantification of parts and the specialization of workers. We design, calculate, produce and test each component. Each plate bending machine must undergo a series of tests before shipment to ensure the high quality of the product. The improvement of productivity must be guaranteed by a high standard quality control system.

Important security

We started to consider the installation, maintenance and operation safety of products from the design stage, and only use electrical and electronic systems that meet industrial standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine.